We are a dedicated team of professionals combining in-depth knowledge of photography, IT management, video editing, and graphics.

We have been shooting 4K time lapses for the last 10 years, in a wide array of climates, from the Canadian winter to the heat of steel factories in full operation: our systems provide a reliable mean to manage time, showing in a matter of minutes what happens over months.

We can follow the construction, assembly and operational life of machines, furnaces, production lines, but also of public events, art installation, crops growing, and whatever else take place over an extended time and you would like to show.

We can provide clients not only the final video, but also high resolution frames of their choosing, meeting the needs for any kind of file from thumbnails to huge blow up prints.

We allow your team to remotely supervise the job sites from wherever they are, making it faster, easier, and cheaper for them to do their work, as they often need to be in different locations working on more projects simultaneously.